Seattle: Sunday

We left Bloomington, IL this morning at 7:06am, flew to Chicago O'Hare.  Then took off at 8:35am for Seattle and arrived at about 11am.  A couple from our church, Mike and Gail, were already here and picked us up.  We went directly to Pike Place Market and watched them toss some fish around.  What a cool place, tons of fruit and vegetables for sale, a bunch of cafes and restaurants.  We ate at the place where Tom Hanks ate in Sleepless in Seattle.  I had shrimp cakes.  Yeah buddy.  Good stuff.

Then we checked in at the Holiday Inn and took a short break.  Refreshed, we went to Sonic Boom music store (through the recommendation of some of my blog readers).  What a great store.  Found a couple of CD's I've been looking for and couldn't find in my neighborhood.  Then we went to the 5pm service at Mars Hill Church.  It was great.  Maybe more on that another time.  Dinner at P.F. Changs, which rocked as usual.  I also got a few pics along the way.  I'll try to get a few of those up tomorrow.

It's been a very, very long day and I'm exhausted.  Nighty nite.