Reading, Reforming & Resuring

My wife and I leave this weekend for the Reform & Resurge Conference in Seattle.  It's should be a spectacular time.  If you are going and want to make sure we connect, please email me and we can swap cell numbers (pastorsteve [at] gmail [dot] com). 

StetzerI'm also digging into Breaking the Missional Code by Ed Stetzer & David Putman.  Anything Stetzer writes should be recommended reading for all missional guys.  I would imagine it will also be excellent for anyone who needs to understand the missional concept, like anyone with "Baptist" in their church name.  Hehe, c'mon, that was funny.

I hope to come back from Seattle with some great pictures, the experience of drinking a mocha at the original Starbucks, Spirit-led insights to rock my face off, and Tim Keller's Sharpie'd signature on my arm (so I can have it tattooed in later). 

Okay, I'll settle for the first three.