While I Was Away...

Having a great trip to OBI in the Kentucky "sticks."  God is doing some great things as I preach.  Students are responding to the Gospel.  I'm tired, physically and emotionally, but the words keep coming.  Awesome stuff.  I should be home and posting again on Friday.  Here's a pic just outside the front door of where we are staying.

Uh, Moo!

Michael Spencer (the iMonk) is a great host.  I'm at his house right now on his wi-fi.  If you read his online stuff, he's everything you think he will be.  Well, all but the Kentucky twang.  Actually he has presented me with a very prestigious award.  I'm honored.

In other news...

William Dembski leaves SBTS for SWBTS.

Dan at Eucatastrophe has some Keller quotes.