CTR and Emerging Church

I've read three articles in the Spring 2006 Criswell Theological Review so far.  Two of them are public and can be found at the CTR website

The interview with Brian McLaren, I thought, was great.  As often occurs, I was both very encouraged by Brian's answers and very provoked (and at times disturbed) by some of what he said.  It's a great read and important for anyone trying to understand McLaren or the Emergent side of the emerging church.

John Hammett's "Ecclesiological Assessment of the Emergent Church" (not the CTR site) is just okay.  It's helpful in some ways, but nothing too special.  I've interacted briefly with Hammett about this paper before, and he's a good guy who is trying to understand the movement.  It's a difficult task.

Mark Driscoll's "Pastoral Perspective on the Emergent Church" is really good.  I think he does a good job of taking messy emerging church junk and distilling it until we have some clarity.  Read this article.  It not only helps us understand the EC, it helps us understand the church and our interaction with culture.

This week I hope to read Robert Webber's "Narrating the World Once Again: A Case for an Ancient-Future Faith."  I'm intrigued.  I'm pretty happy with the Criswell Review so far.  If they continue to get this kind of content, it should be a consistently good read.