Ear Candy

Time for some music recommendations.  I'm enjoying some good stuff right now.  I'm not going to explain them in much detail, but I hope you will go hear some clips on iTunes or Amazon.

Concretes_1 The Concretes - layourbattleaxedown: Really liking this b-sides and rarities CD.  Their cover of the Rolling Stones' "Miss You" is phenomenal, and I'm no Stones fan.

Dusted (I picked this quote because I'm not sure I understand it, but it sounds cool): Their arrangements for brass and strings etch their more flashy pop numbers with extra energy, but the diluted pearl-drop textures of their slower songs hint at the glories of swooning near-immobilization. These are suggestive songs, strung out along the horizon.

Black_rebel Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl: An eclectic mix.  Bluesy soul and acoustic rock, even Gospel.  Fun, thoughtful, and never dull.

Neumu: ...it seems that BRMC's aim here is a realignment of ideals, replacing the full-throttle roar of underground rock with a more contemplative, soulful canon of songs. And even if what is ultimately revealed is one set of self-conscious rock shapes being superseded by another, it still sounds pretty good.

Silversun Silversun Pickups - Pikul: This EP was released to combat the poor bootleg music from this albumless LA band.  It's one of my most consistent listens right now.  It contains a Smashing Pumpkins vibe, but it so much more than that. 

Static Multimedia: The blandness of today’s indie rock is in dire need of a blowout the likes of which Silversun Pickups provide bountifully. With Pikul, the band has emerged as one of the potential leaders of the form’s future and not a moment too soon. Tired of the lilting orchestrations of today’s indie music scene? If so, Silversun Pickups is your cure all.

Doves The Doves - Some Cities: It took a little bit for me to get used to their sound, but now I love it.  I found it worth the effort.  This CD isn't for everyone (that spot is saved for William Hung), but where it fits it fits well.

Drowned in Sound: All the time...there’s mournfulness, a gravitas that offers recourse to glib coffee table CD adjustment. Doves require an emotional investment. Doubtless to say, it’s a rewarding, if draining one. Songs like the sparse, gentle ‘Someday Soon’ and the ghostly lullaby of ‘Shadows of Salford’ are remorseless yet engrossing offerings; a hard shell with a damaged centre.