Blue Like the 9th Commandment

Joe Thorn has pulled out his 9th Commandment trump card on some of the chatter about so-called "liberals."  Sounds like this has a few Blue Like Jazz reviewers names all over it.  Here's a teaser, but don't miss the whole thing...

Recently some men have been accused of being “liberal” theologians.Vague generalizations are being made, people are not quoted, sound argument is not made, but naked assertions and accusations are released in an effort to warn others to stay away. “That guy is a liberal in evangelical clothing!” My trouble is that in some cases these accusations amount to unrighteous distortions of the truth. And I have to say, I am grieved.


Am I the only one who’s going to say it? This is sin. Having a platform or a big mouth necessitates responsibility, clarity and charity. What I have seen lately is at best zeal without knowledge, or worse it is lying. Either way, it breaks the ninth and hurts the church.


The carelessness of it all amazes me. Watson explains that men who would never steal another’s goods don’t think twice about robbing a man of his reputation.