Jesus Kegs for the Thirsty

Christ planned to attract people to himself through the transformed lives of his people.  It's understandable that we feel chafed by what media giants say about us and the things we care about, and that we crave the chance to tell our own side of the story.  It's as if the world's ballpark is ringed with billboards, and we rankle because we should have a billboard too.  But if someone should actually see our billboard, and be intrigued, and walk into the door of a church, he would find that he had joined a community that was just creating another billboard.


Culture is not a monolithic power we must defeat.  It is the battering weather conditions that people, harassed and helpless, endure.  We are sent out into the storm like a St. Bernard with a keg around our neck, to comfort, reach, and rescue those who are thirsting, most of all, for Jesus Christ.

Frederica Mathewes-Green in "Loving the Storm-Drenched," (now online) Christianity Today, March 2006, p 39.  Pick up a copy.