Dsc_0054There aren't too many places to be on Groundhog Day, but I happen to live in one of them.  I'm in Woodstock, Illinois where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed (and yes, it was filmed almost completely in Woodstock).  We have all sorts of events in town around Groundhog Day, but of course the centerpiece is when Woodstock Willie emerges from his fake stump and pronounces his forecast for the duration of winter. 

Dsc_0074_2 Punxsutawney Phil, the more notable rodent, saw his shadow and predicted more winter.  But Woodstock Willie (who doesn't appear to have his own web presence) was more optimistic, to the delight of hundreds of onlookers this morning.  I had a nice chat with the glorified squirrel after the fact, and told him that he would be roadkill if he is just pulling our chain.  He assured me that his trick knee was in fact indicating the end of winter.  We'll see.

Here are some pictures I took of our Groundhog Day festivities with my daughter.