Good Music

I'm really excited about a few new CD's.

Carlile Brandi Carlile (Brandi Carlile): Soulful & bluesy, honest, haunting, somewhat raw (she's 23!) but still riveting.  I can listen to this straight through without skipping songs.  Some of the songs often stop me in my tracks to listen, not only to the lyrics but also to the presentation of the message. 

Favorite Songs: "Follow," "Throw It All Away," "Fall Apart Again"

Best used for: rainy days, work where word-centered music won't distract, understanding chicks, late night relaxation.

What Critics Are Saying: Paste, Hit Session.

"Throw It All Away"

When you're near me I have no fear
When I'm untrue you see right through me
You know me as deep as the sea goes
Calm my head whenever the storm blows

When the stars, and the moon
And the sky, fall through

I'd throw them all away when I'm hollow
Deep as the sea goes, all I know is
I would throw it all away...away

Winterpills Winterpills (Winterpills): A sometimes more rockish version of Simon & Garfunkel, sometimes just as whispery and eclectic, wonderfully full harmonies, beautiful.  A thoroughly engaging album.  Every song is ear-catching and some are foot-tapping.  Never overpowering, yet holds subtle power that seeps in.

Favorite Songs: "A Benediction," "Cranky," "Threshing Machine"

Best used for: background during work, road trips, building an iTunes folder of "life theme songs."

What Critics Are Saying.

"Threshing Machine"

We took a walk on the dykes
And walked by the proscenium arches
Paused at the mouth of a rabbit hole
Stared down and wondered how far did it go

Something about the way we talked that day
Caught in the act of trying to look away
From the sight of our hands caught in this threshing machine
Do you feel like you’ve felt anything,
Ever, at all?

Avett The Avett Brothers (Four Theives Gone): Alternative/sorta like emo-driven (even occasionally bordering on screamo)/ rock-based bluegrass.  Honkin' sheesh, just listen to it.  Banjo-centric.  Strange but wonderful harmonizing.  As unique as possible without being too weird to like.  Completely engaging, fun, catchy, and still thoughtful.  Just as good (and maybe even better) is their previous album, Mignonette.

Favorite Songs: (Theives): "Talk on Indolence," "Left on Laura, Left on Lisa,"
                        (Mignonette): "Swept Away," "The New Love Song,"
                                      "Pretty Girl From Cedar Lane"

Best Used For: driving, road trips, hanging with guys, finding your inner hillbilly, when you just feel good or need to feel good, when you feel like practicing your harmony skills.

What Critics Are Saying.

"Talk on Indolence"

now I've grown too aware of my mortality
to let go and forget 'bout dying
long enough to drop the hammer down
and let the indolence go wild and flying through