Fours (I've Been Tagged)

Mike Noakes tagged me.

4 Jobs I Have Had in My Life:

Landscaper > I love shoveling thousands of pounds of decorative rock next to houses.  No, not really.

Dental Technician > I created (through my cat-like speed and reflexes) dental appliances like crowns, bridges, and orthodontic retainers.

Loading Dock Grunt > I worked for Tex-Pack, which was the worlds most evil shipping company.  I worked in the Fort Worth branch where the owner weighed over 400 lbs, the manager of the facility weighed so much that he maxed out the freight scale which I think went up to 500-600 lbs or so, and a shift manager who was a self-professed hater of seminary students, which I was at the time. 

International Student Minister (University of Louisville and University of Kentucky) > I was basically a "faith" supported missionary to international students for 3 years, and I was able to pray with a Chinese student who trusted Christ at a prayer meeting on 9/11/01.

4 Goals You Set for This Year:

Seek God more
Make out with my wife more
Read with my kids more

Mountain bike more

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:

Tommy Boy > "It's called reading! Top to bottom, left to right... a group of words together is called a sentence. Take Tylenol for any headaches... Midol for any cramps."
Shaun of the Dead > "If you get cornered...[hits himself on head with cricket bat]...bash 'em in the head, that seems to work. Ow."
Training Day > "You're a long way from Starbuck's homey."
Good Will Hunting > "My boy's wicked smart."

4 Places I Have Lived:

Carbondale, IL - SIU, go Salukis!
Denver, CO - CCU
Fort Worth, TX - SWBTS
Louisville, KY - SBTS

4 TV Shows I Love To Watch:

I don't watch much TV, not even the news.  But four are required.

24 > this should be a given for anyone with a pulse, the only show I must watch
American Idol > it's fun, and my wife enjoys it and so I enjoy it with her
American Chopper > if you are a guy, you like it.  I don't like schedule watching it, but when I see it on, it's a must see.
Beauty and the Geek > man, I'm sorry.  But I have to admit there's something redemptive about this show, and it's funny.  Forgive me.

4 Places You Have Been On Vacation:

Wisconsin Dells > A great place to take my family of six for water park fun and a beautiful setting.  Wilderness is where we go, and you can watch our family video of a vacation here.

Charleston > We introduced our kids to the ocean.

Phoenix > I was able to go all expenses paid to the rainiest three days in the history of Phoenix for a golf trip.  It both rocked and sucked.

Stoughton, WI > We rented a cabin on a lake with nothing to do but enjoy our family.  It was great.

4 Websites You Visit Daily:


4 Of My Favorite Foods:

Orange Peel Shrimp and Lettuce Wraps from P.F. Chang's
My wife's spaghetti (homemade sauce)
Chips and salsa from Chili's
The Vito (#5, no tomato, add Dijon) from Jimmy John's

4 Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:

Somewhere alone with my wife.
Anywhere: playing with my kids.
Sipping a Grande-Skim-3 Pump-No Whip-Extra Hot-Mocha from Starbucks
Talking about Jesus with someone who doesn't know Him

 So now I'm going to tag...

  1. Joe Thorn (because he desperately needs blog topics)
  2. Kevin Cawley
  3. Richard Bailey
  4. Marty Duren (he needs a non-SBC topic)