The Pastor of My Family

I love my kids.  I have four 100% huggable and lovable kids.  And whenever ministry gets tough, or I get distracted, or I just am in the dumps over my own apathy and sin, I often find great comfort in and rejuvenation through my family. 

I remember times in 2004 when I was getting some heat from a few church members (who are now gone).  It was really hard on me, and I would come home at the end of the day and just hold my daughter for five minutes on the couch, or play a game with one of my boys, or chase the kids around with a Nerf gun shooting their eyes out.

These things could be seen nice ways to distract me from the stressful things of life and ministry, and they are helpful distractions.  But much more positively they are reminders.  Reminders of who I am more than a pastor, more than a preacher,  more than a sinner.  I'm the pastor of my family.

Two nights ago we had our five year old pray for our dinner.  He prayed and thanked God for the food to make us healthy and strong, and prayed for everyone in the world to become Christians, and prayed that when people become Christians they would become fishers of men.  When I heard that, it made all the frustrations of life shrink. 

I'm about ready to head home for the night.  Tonight, as we do each day, our family is going to read some Scripture to learn about God and talk about what He is calling us to do.  The kids will probably ask a half-dozen questions, and then we will hold hands in a circle and pray.  We will pray for God to help us live what we have learned and to provide for what we need.

May God raise up in my home fishers of men who will turn the world upside down, and may he use this weak vessel to train them.  I can think of nothing to do today that is more important for God's mission and my own heart.