Keeping Our Eye On The Ball

Among SBC circles things have been buzzing. 

The IMB has passed what I consider to be extra-biblical policies.  An IMB trustee (Wade Burleson) is facing removal from the board, and he happens to strongly and publicly oppose the new policies.  Some young leaders who have not been to the SBC Annual Meeting are planning to go to vote to keep Wade in as a Trustee.  This is an important time to work for change in the SBC.

But here's my fear.  We may take our eye off The Ball.  "The Ball" is not Wade Burleson and it's not the IMB and our mission organization.  It's not the upcoming Annual Meeting.  It's the Gospel. 

I'm not going to get into debates on whether supporting Wade or the IMB or whatever is supporting the Gospel.  So please don't go there.  I'm supportive of Wade and believe this is an important time. 

I simply want to encourage everyone who is gripped by this controversy to keep your eyes primarily on your local church, your local community, and the Gospel that has been entrusted to you (2 Tim 1:14).  Satan's joy will come when we exchange the primacy of The Gospel for anything else, even something as important as getting our mission board and convention in order.