Driscoll on Culture War

Mark Driscoll discusses hearing Charles Colson talk about "culture war" and offers some great questions...

Colson’s comments raise interesting missiological questions aboutthe role of the gospel in the culture. An aging generation of evangelicals assumes that America is essentially founded upon Christianity and that the role of the church is to defend Christian morality through mainly conservative and Republican political involvement and by fighting against such things as abortion and gay marriage. Younger emerging type Christians are increasingly answering these questions differently than previous generations, leading to a growing rift among American Christians regarding the proper role of a Christian in their culture:

    • Is Christianity at war for culture?
    • Is it beneficial for Christians to speak of themselves in military terms such as war when speaking of their engagement with lost people and their ideas?
    • Does the concept of a culture war cause Christians to fight moral and political battles rather than gospel battles?
    • Does the greatest threat to Christianity come from forces outside the church, or from inside the church, through leaders who are more like Judas than Jesus?
    • Do Christians have the right to continually claim the moral high ground when they are statistically no more moral than the average pagan?