Harry Potter Playlist

Harry Potter, er, Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry on screen) has a 'celebrity playlist' up at iTunes.  I thought it would be interesting to see what he picked.  I liked the list, but I found a few of his explanations of the songs curious.  Notice the interesting mix of meanings.

FYI for non-iTunes users, they usually have the celebrity pick 10-15 songs and describe something about what they like about each song. 

"Gouge Away" (Track 7): "Biblical imagery, half whispered vocals and an incredible chorus..."

"Me Ves y Sufres" (Track 8): "An incredibly sad song. To me it sounds like it's about someone who, because of their own actions, has no hope of happiness."

"What I'm Looking For" (Track 9): "A song that seems to me, to be saying, 'Hey, there may not be a meaning to life. So let's all just enjoy living it.' A good attitude to have."