Alright, I have pimp a couple of goodies.

Toffifay Toffifay (or Toffifee outside the U.S.) is the best candy in the history of the universe.  I've loved it since college.  My wife and I would leave my hometown and drive back to university, and at a convenience store along the way I would pick up 3-6 packs of Toffifay. And she got me some for my birthday too.  A good woman and Toffifay, yeah buddy.

Starbucks just sold me on their mint brownie.  Wow, that sucker is good.  I'm not big on sweet cakes and brownies, so that should tell you this must be pretty good.  I know my baristas pretty well, so I'm going to have to find ways to mooch extra samples in the weeks ahead. 

Sb_cup_cropSide bar: boycotters can visit Starbucks through Christmas because they now are using Christmas cups with no quotes.  I dunno though, there is a drawing of a guy and girl (click to enlarge).  They could be interpreted as getting ready to kiss under the mistletoe.  So you may still have a problem.  Is this picture showing the seeds of fornication?  Or has Starbucks turned against homosexuals who will now have to drink out of a cup that blatantly promotes opposite-sex relationships.  (C'mon, that was funny.)