Cultural Exegesis: Hell Yeah

I heard this song for the first time today.  It's beautiful and invigorating.  I wish I could provide the song for you to listen to. 

I figured it might make for interesting discussion on cultural exegesis.  The lyrics are easy to understand and they capture a certain segment of our culture very well.  I left the artist's name off on purpose, so don't give it away.  What generation is the artist/author?  What is the "gospel" to him?

"Hell Yeah"

If you're thinking that my life
is a hoot and a holler
from the start of the day
to the dark of the night
and that it's ringing like a bell
that you only wanna follow
gotta trust me when I say
I'm just trying to get it right

Still I think about myself
As a lucky old dreamer
And if you're asking me to tell
Is it worth what I paid?
You're going to hear me say:

Hell Yeah It Is
And I say it loud
I loved it all
and I'm not too proud
I freed my soul
Just let it fly

Hell Yeah this crazy life around me
It confuses and confounds me
But it's all the life I've got Until I die
Hell yeah It Is

If you're asking for my time
Isn't much left to give you
Been around a good long while
So I gotta say it fast
Time is all we'll ever need
But it's gotta have a meaning
You be careful how it's spent
cause it isn't going to last

I hear you wondering out loud
Are you ever going to make it
Will you ever work it out
Will you ever take a chance
and Just believe you can

Hell Yeah You Will
You're going to be okay
You might get lost
But then you'll find a way
Don't go alone
Can't be afraid

Hell Yeah this life is here and it's made for living
and loves a gift that's made for giving
you Give it all away and have it still
And Hell yeah you will

I've been living on a boat
with a lot of people staring
with my feet on shaky ground
and my head up in the sky
But it's where I want to be
It's a life that's made for caring
Gotta a song to pass the day
And a girl to share the night

So if they ask you when I'm gone
was it everything he wanted
And when he had to travel on
did he know he'd be missed?
You can tell them this:

Hell yeah he did
He saw it all
He walked the line
Never had to crawl
He cried a bit
But not for long Hell Yeah he found the life that he was after
Filled it up with love and laughter
Finally gotta it right and made it fit
Hell Yeah He Did
Hell Yeah He Did
Hell Yeah He Did