C.J. Mahaney Audio Resources

Here's helpful resources that Justin Taylor put up.  I've taken it directly from his site.

C.J. and Carolyn Mahaney were recently the guest speakers at  the Men's and Women's 2005 Fall Conference at The  Bible Church of Little Rock (pastored by Lance  Quinn). The MP3s of their ten sessions are available for free on the web:

C.J. Mahaney
Sex, Romance and the Glory of God - Part 1 (MP3)
Sex, Romance and the Glory of God - Part 2 (MP3)
Message to Men (MP3)
Humility:  True Greatness (MP3)
The Cross Centered Life (MP3)
The Soul of Modesty (MP3)

Carolyn Mahaney
Message to Women:  What Christian Wives Need to Know (MP3)
True Beauty (MP3)
A Woman's Beauty Regimen (MP3)
What To Do About the Things We Can't Do Anything About (MP3)