CT Interviews Donald Miller

I've been looking for this online ever since the new Christianity Today came out and I read it.  Well, it's finally online.  Donald Miller is interviewed by Stan Guthrie: "Finding God in Odd Places: There's more to faith than grids and logic, says Donald Miller."  I think it's thought provoking.  Here's the last section, but please go and read it all.

You are big on the experiential. How about truth?

Ultimately everything is purely experiential. If we could divide the complexity of our reality into grids and categories, God would have communicated through the Bible in grids and categories. There are mysteries that cannot be explained logically.

That isn't to say there isn't truth. I certainly believe there's absolute truth. My criticism is, however many years ago, that the Bible or Christian spirituality was changed out of an experiential [approach] into grids and logical kinds of thinking.

I think it's hurt our faith. I think it's hurt me. For instance, I had always grown up believing the Lord's Prayer was a list of philosophical paradigms that we'd check off. But when we actually read the text, we understand that Jesus is teaching us a dynamic new way to experience faith, that we will relate to God as a father. It wasn't until I understood that the dynamic of our faith is relational rather than logical that I started maturing in my faith.

Can't you bring them together?

Well, certainly you can.

"Rather than" is pretty stark.

It is very stark. But it's the language of our culture.

So you're overstating your case.

I'm overstating my case, because I don't feel like anybody will listen if I don't.