Copeland: In Motion

One of my new favorite CD's is In Motion by Copeland.  Emo, sorta.  Rock, kinda.  Pop, a little bit.  Harmony laden, emotion provoking, gentle but not cheesy.  Brilliant vocals.  I love it.



The true power of In Motion -- and the primary reason it is so solid -- lies in Copeland's ability to drag the listener along the gauntlet of their emotions with them.

The Trades

It's tough to write a summary of an album like In Motion without sounding like they paid me to say it. But I absolutely love this album. ...It combines so many emotions into those songs; some may even be clichéd, but Copeland manages to put such a novel spin on them that they sound fresh and romantic. ...Many of the songs could be considered almost progressive indie. The guitars, when they appear on the album, are some of the best I've heard in a while. Aaron Marsh's voice is beyond underrated, and it's such a shame. He absolutely invigorates this album. In a sentence, you need to add Copeland's In Motion to your CD collection. I've been reviewing some awesome albums lately, but Copeland has managed to jump to the head of the pack. A well-deserved, and tough to achieve A+ for them.

Hollywood Jesus

Copeland’s In Motion wants to put its hands on love to hold it, define it, and put a name there for all to see.


...those actively searching for a band that can stalk your veins like a ghost … will probably find one of their new favorite bands.