Acts29 in Dallas

The Acts29 Boot Camp in Dallas is this week, Tuesday through Thursday.  Molly and I will be going.  An Acts29 pastor who is also SBC tried to get me to the boot camp in St. Louis months ago, but I couldn't make it.  Strangely we are able to make the longer trip to Dallas, and the Lord has provided to get us there.

We are leaving tomorrow (Monday) for my parent's house to drop off the four kids.  Then very early on Tuesday we head to the Bloomington, IL airport to get on a plane for Chicago, short layover, then to Dallas by the afternoon.  We hope to meet up and hang out with old friends from our time in Colorado when we were first married.  Chad is a pastor near Dallas now.

We are excited about the trip and to dig in more concerning church planting and church replanting.

I hope to be online regularly, but not nearly as much as normal.  I'll try to update what we are doing and hearing.  Maybe a pic or two as well.