Praying for Porn Stars

Russ Moore notes the rise of porn star memoirs found at our local bookstores and asks us to pray for porn stars.

It would be quite easy to walk past the display of a porn "star's"memoirs at our corner bookstore clucking our tongues in righteous indignation. But instead perhaps we can pray for a multitude of men and women who are someones daughters and sons, and who are those for whom Christ died. Perhaps we can love them enough to pray for the liberating power of the Spirit to show them a Father who values them for more than the aerodynamic abilities of their body parts.

This post resonates with me because yesterday, before reading Russ' post, I was on a bit of a drive along a stretch that includes two strip clubs.  I passed them before, but this time I began to pray for the girls inside who were far removed from God's intention for women and far removed from men who should be protecting them instead of using them for their own selfish pleasures.  I thought of how many were hoping for survival of next month's bills or feeding their kids or making it through college or making it apart from their abusive boyfriend.  I prayed for the men inside who were doing anything but acting as if they were created in God's image, who should be looking out for these women instead of looking at them. 

And I prayed for my own heart so that I will view women as God does.