Mark Driscoll - Emergent No

(This post has been adjusted out of respect for Carla at E-No)  Carla over at Emergent No has emailed Mark Driscoll to ask a few questions.  He didn't really respond to the questions because he's busy, but he did say that some great things are on the way...

I've got a book coming out with Zondervan on thehistory of our church and our involvement in the emerging church, finishing a counterpoints type of book for Zondervan on emerging church theology with Dan Kimball, Karen Ward, Doug Pagitt, John Burke and myself that will hit the atonement, trinity, and scripture to be edited by Robert Webber. I have also compiled a team of very solid evangelical theologians who are largely younger for a new network that will be launching a web site with blogs, articles, mp3s, podcasting, national theology conferences across the country, and a line of theologically oriented books for missionally minded emerging leaders. So, I hope to make a contribution to the broader church in a big way very soon. You are free to post any of this you like on your site.

Man, I'm pumped.  Good stuff is on the way. 

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