Making Up for Lost Time

Man, this is too funny.  Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that Baptist Press is now publishing articles to pimp the Disney movies that may have been missed during the Southern Baptist Convention boycott?

My take...

1. Almost no one boycotted Disney if they had kids.

2. If people with kids did boycott Disney, it was probably because they had other convictions, like that TV corrupts the little cherubs and should be avoided altogether (unless it's Prayer Bear, Bible Man, or the like).  So these guys wouldn't watch Disney anyway, and still won't.

3. Do we really want to taint our eyes with movies made during such a horrible time in the corporate life of Disney?  I mean, if we shouldn't watch a movie by them in 1999, maybe we shouldn't watch it now out of protest for who they were then, eh?  Otherwise we may be encouraging them to return to their old ways, and may result in another future boycott.

4. If I want to know about Disney movies, I'm not going to listen to someone writing for the organization who shouldn't know about all the Disney movies that were missed.  Can I trust someone who crossed the boycott lines in the heat of the battle?  Or should I trust someone who just watched 25 DVD's in like 6 weeks trying to catch up with what they missed?  I think not.