Cubs Weather

Yep, headed to the Cubs-Cardinals game today (or as I like to call it, Cardinals batting practice) with Tim Ellsworth.  The good news is the Cubs have only lost 8 in a row, and considering it's the Cubs that's not so bad.  They have soundly backpedaled away from the wild-card race and are now squarely hopeless, which is right on schedule. 

I wanted to thank the Cubs for deciding to play the worst baseball of the year in the week leading up to me attending my first game at Wrigley Field since I was a kid.  At least they found out how to lose this year with they guy who is arguably the best player in baseball, who also, by the way, is in the worst slump of the year and couldn't hit the ball off a tee.  At least we should be thankful that they haven't chosen to stay in the race long enough to find a fan to blame for why they lost.

If that isn't enough, I also want to thank the weatherman for breaking our 80 year drought today with guaranteed rain this morning, and very likely severe storms in the afternoon for our afternoon frolic with the Cubbies.  Bravo.


Other than that, I expect a fit of extreme public gloating to follow a win by the Cubs today, because as bad as they are and as surely as they should lose, I can't help but think that something good has to happen by accident someday.  And I think today is that day.