Top 50 Influencial Churches

The Church Report lists their top 50 most influencial churches. (HT: JT) Here are the ones I think are worth mentioning in categories of my own design.  Meant to be funny guys.  I'd love to hear some of your own categories.

The sarcastic "Oh really? They make the list?" goes to..
1. Saddleback - Rick Warren
2. Willow Creek - Bill Hybels

The "Aren't these guys the same church in different locations?" goes to...
3. Northpointe - Andy Stanley
4. Fellowship - Ed Young, Jr.

The "That's not a "real" church!" goes to...
8. Potter's House - T.D. Jakes
14. Crystal Cathedral - Robert Schuller

The "We'd be better off if their number was a lot higher." goes to...
19. Bethlehem - John Piper
23. Mars Hill - Mark Driscoll
26. Redeemer - Timothy Keller

The "He doesn't look like a pastor." goes to...
5. Joel Osteen - "The new Expedition would look great in your driveway.  Want to take it for a test drive?"