Vacation, Marriage, Ministry

In a couple of days I'll have my laptop online so I can get a few vacation pics up.  I also have several things I want to write on, but for now I wanted to write something quick.

This vacation has been pretty relaxing, and the benefits are many.  Among other things, my wife and I have had a lot of time to remember how to dream about ministry together.  There is no one in the world like her and the ministry I do as a pastor is blessed in remarkable ways by her.  She sharpens my thoughts, encourages me to remember our calling, and wants me to do what God made me to do...whatever the cost.  Such a great sanctification God is working in me through my bride. 

Many good things can come through a vacation, including getting away from the routine stuff of life.  But the things I needed to get away from the most were the things that distracted me from my beautiful and encouraging wife, and I thank God for her.