Atheist Camp

Al Mohler makes sure that Christians everywhere will gasp in unison as they hear that in Kentucky there is a camp for kids (7-18) who are nonbelievers.  From Mohler's post...

Here's more from the newspaper's report: Providing a haven for thechildren of nonbelievers is what Camp Quest is all about. As the camp's official T-shirt announces, it's a place that's "beyond belief." More precisely, it claims to be the first summer sleep-away camp in the country for atheist, agnostic and secular humanist children.

I'd like to add my voice and say "So what?"  There are unbelievers out there who are looking for a refuge from God.  Big shock.  Not news to me.

Or could they be trying to escape for a week or two from God's people?  Maybe they are sick of our continual scolding of the culture.  Maybe they are sick of us screaming at them without much grace.  Grace is not just a word in our "gospel presentations" about something God does.  It's also how we are to live in the world, with words and deeds seasoned with grace.  Maybe a little grace on our part would actually make many of these camp-goers thankful for our friendship and not feel the need to take refuge from us.

I'm afraid that plenty of pastors will print out Mohler's post and use it as an illustration of the way our nation is headed to hell.  I'm sure most Christians who read Mohler will sound a hearty "Amen!" and thank God that we aren't miserable sinners like these camp organizers and the parents who send their kids to such a hideous place.  I wish that we were beating our chest and focusing on our own sin instead so that camp-goers will experience grace and not condescension from our lips and blogs.  God help us to be like that.