Opening line of new BP story quotes Bobby Welch as saying near the end of the convention...

"I want 'em to hear us in hell."

What exactly does this mean?  Are we gloating over those who are under condemnation?  Are we evangelizing hell now?  Are we trying to scare Satan with a red, white, and blue balloon drop?

Read on, and God help us...

"We're going to sound the charge in this room," he continued. "You don't win unless you go to war.

"We're going to attack the gates of hell for the sake of souls.

"We're going to sound in this room right now the charge to go on the assault," Welch said. "And we're also going to sound the celebration of the sure victory that's in Jesus Christ."

With the three-foot-long horn, Skaggs sounded the charge. Applause and cheers filled the room.

"Oh, yeah, I've got a feeling that in hell right now they're huntin' cover," Welch said.

Skaggs blew the horn again, and Welch said, "I want 'em to hear you in hell. And I want 'em to hear you in heaven. I want those who are on their way to hell to know we're coming. I want those in heaven to tune up, because there's gonna be some rejoicing in the next year because some folks will be off the road to hell and on their way to heaven," Welch said, the crowd's standing ovation continuing.

"Southern Baptists, honest, now, before God, who do you think could witness to and win and then, bless God, get 'em down to the church and baptize them? Who do you think could do that?"

"Everyone can -- and I'm it," the crowd yelled.

Fireworks exploding, balloons falling, shofar sounding, Southern Baptists geared up to leave the building to meet the challenge.

Where's the Mylanta?  This is going to be a long year.  I know Bobby Welch means well, God bless him.  I mean that.  But it's time for things to change.  Who's with me?