Reactionary Fundamentalists

Saw this Village Voice article and had to post one quote...

Alongside the Christian right politicians there are the religiousleaders who function as political organizers. These people are often obscure to the mainstream, but they are a gathering force in right-wing politics. They include such old standbys as Pat Robertson, the ailing Jerry Falwell, and Alabama's feisty Ten Commandments judge, Roy Moore. Among the leading lights:

R. ALBERT MOHLER JR.: President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and guru of reactionary fundamentalists, so well-known for their vicious attacks on women's rights and gays, Mohler is focused on public education, a subject that inflames the political and religious right across the boards. The Republican right long has sought to shut down the federal Department of Education and turn over public education ostensibly to local governments but, more importantly, to churches. Such a course would mean a financial windfall for religious groups.

I don't really want to comment on this other than to say that most evangelicals who read this will call the Village Voice liberal.  Funny, but as an evangelical (though I love Dr. Mohler) I have the same opinion as the bold above.