FBC Nashville

Tent_crop_470_sbc_4Fbc_nashville_2Joe and I attended First Baptist Church of Nashville this morning, a nice downhill walk from the Sheraton.  The service was an hour long with only three congregational songs.  Wish there was a greater emphasis on congregational singing.  The choir was big and blue (robes).

The pastor's preaching wasn't too shabby.  Preaching from Matthew 10 he was talking about discipleship and how disciples should expect to be treated like Jesus.  His sermon was short, but he hit the point of the passage and so it was encouraging.  We also heard they are really striving for outreach downtown, including a jazz festival where they handed out 1,000 box lunches.  Also they had youth going through some experience that showed them what it's like to be homeless.  Good stuff.

We checked out the Gaylord Center and it's really a beautiful place.  We'll be heading over there inImg_0507_300_4 about 30 minutes to register for the convention (we hope) and will be at the Global Cafe soon after that for the Younger Leaders Summit.