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Draper Lists Lifeway Challenges; Advocates for Younger Leaders

Draper briefly addressed the SBC's endeavor of reaching a million baptisms, calling the goal a "sign of healthy churches; a measure of how effectively we are relating to the lost and sharing the difference Christ makes." He added that if the SBC's aim is to reach a million baptized to say it hit its goal, "it reveals we were focused on the wrong thing and baptisms then become an end."

Effort to Increase ERLC Funding Fails
Southern Baptist Stance on Gays Softens
SBC Coming to Louisville in 2009
Dead Frogs and Baptisms
Conflicts Hurt, Southern Baptist Leader Says

Unless I'm mistaken, Baptist Press has yet to write anything on the Younger Leaders Summit.  It was one of the first, most interesting, and maybe most important events of the entire week, but no response.  I think this is inexcusable.