Arrival: On Time

Img_0475_300Loaded up this morning in our rental car, a brand new Grand Prix.  Sweet.  The speedometer goes to 140, but I don't think we'll get there.  I was out of the house by 7:15am and on the way to Joe's house. 

We didn't have any problems along the way.  It was mostly sunny, beautiful weather the whole way.  Pit stops at a Mickey D's for a bacon, egg and cheese bagel and Arby's for a chicken, bacon and swiss (wow, two meals with bacon, didn't realize that, but mmmm good).

Img_0480_300Along the way we met Santa, who for some strange reason is in Southern Illinois for the summer.  He ate some mushrooms and grew to enormous heights.Img_0481_300

We arrived in Nashville at the Sheraton downtown by about 6:30pm.  Very nice.  Only one king bed, so Joe is gonna have to pull out the couch.  Oh well.  We immediately checked for wifi, a must, and it cost like $10 a day.  Sheesh.  I ordered it only to find out that it is $10 per computer per day.  Wowwy.  Not good.  We were pretty upset at the high cost, but a friendly call to the manager (Robin) was helpful.  She generously let Joe get his lappy up and online for free.  Thanks to Sheraton Img_0498_300and Robin who have made the day of two poor pastors.

Tonight we are out and about for a stroll around downtown Nashville.  First real SBC event is Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm.  I don't know what time I will post on it, but as soon as I can.