Andrew Jones to Don Carson

Andrew Jones (aka TallSkinnyKiwi) has written an open blog post to Don Carson.  AJ felt he needed to bring some issues up before the publication of Carson's new book: Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church (looks like the publisher has tweaked the book title since last check).  I think AJ poses some great questions and says some things that fly in the face of the critics.

To note...

1. Contrary to critics, important leaders in emergent disagree on theology and ecclesiology, among other things.  Wow, so McLaren doesn't speak for all of emergent?  Shocking.  When are critics going to get this?
2. AJ admits, some emerging churches suck.  Yes, it's true!  Critics can easily find an emerging church that is adolescent, unwise, and immature.  But it seems the traditional church hasn't given us a good model to compare emerging churches to.