And Their Faces Shone...

The trip was a success.  It was the first of what may become an every-semester trip to Southern Seminary to talk to potential church planters.  While we aren't prepared to bring church planters to our suburban Chicagoland association yet, we hope to have a clear vision soon.  So our trip was more about getting ready for future trips than trying to fulfill a current church planting vision.  And we really believe that spending time at Southern has given us clear ideas on how things work and what we want to do.

Random and somewhat boring facts and observations...

It was pretty warm the whole time in Kentucky, but a little rainy Tuesday.  Severe thunderstorms were possible, but didn't come through Louisville.  Bummer.  The trees were far along and the flowering trees were beautiful.

We stayed at the SBTS Legacy Center, which is a beautiful, fairly new addition to the seminary.  Well done.

Southern needs to cut their grass.

While in Louisville, we were spent some time talking with fellow bloggers. 

We met up with Richard and Kyle for some food at the Irish Rover.  It was fish and chips and scotch eggs (a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage and deep fried...whoa momma).  Conversation was on the local church and the emerging church.

John Mark hung out with us during our seminary cafeteria lunch, which was the time we used to talk with students interested in church planting.  Conversation was on family and the four seasons.

We had some rather tasty barbecue with Wes at Smoky Bones.  Yeah buddy, it was good food.  We couldn't get our waitress to date him.  Conversation was on church planting, the emerging church, blogging, not being able to sing, and all the girls we loved before (sort of).

We had lunch at Stevens & Stevens Deli on the way out of town with friend and Southern Seminary Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Steve Wellum.  Excellent food, great conversation, and we got a tip on a great new book (always a major plus).

I also had a brief word with friend and John R. Sampey Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Dan Block.  He is headed to Wheaton College this summer and we are very excited about that. 

On TV after nightfall: ultimate fighting and some bad singing from a televised Baptist service in Louisville.

Joe was very sick on Monday, but a lot better by Tuesday.

We discovered that Louisville is basically a black hole of worthless wi-fi.  None at the Starbucks, poor service at other coffee shops (at least on Joe's computer), and unavailable wi-fi from the SBTS library.  Good to be home for real Internet access.  Sheesh.

Heine Brothers makes some good coffee, but their mocha isn't quite as good as Starbucks.

That's all I can think of for now.