The Good in Trouble

Ray_lamontagne_trouble_cropRay LaMontagne, factory worker turned singer-songwriter, has created a masterful CD titled "Trouble." 

Ray's voice sounds of sandpaper and his music is mellow and warm.  I enjoy every song.  They are simple and Ray is sincere.  It begs you to sit and ponder and feel what he feels.  It reminds you of things long ago, when you felt what he feels. 

Quotes from Ray...

"Life is so difficult, the thing about music is that you can take deep things that hurt you and turn them into something beautiful."

"I'm right in there, feeling everything, and it can get exhausting....Night after night of being on that edge of songs written during a sad, sad time gets difficult. I've talked to my manager and booking agent about spacing the shows some. I'm afraid I'll wreck."

Here are some reviews worth reading...

Blogcritics: "This is an exquisite taste of a great artist in the making."
BBC Alt and Rock Review: "...a timeless album of graceful, genuine songs about heartbreak, vulnerability and hope."