Making Sense of Emergent

Andrew Jones (TallSkinnyKiwi) is spending a week ironing out some things on the emerging church.  In his prelim post describing his goals, he writes...

I am kicking off a one week tour of the emerging church, at least . .how I see the emerging church and how I would describe it to OLDER people who may not understand it. Every day, over the next week, I hope to introduce 10 characteristics of the emerging church, tackle the hairy subjects of definition (our failed attempts) and criticisms of the emerging church, and also mention some of the opportunities and resources available to and out of the emerging church.

This sounds like it should be very helpful.  I think both supporters and critics of emergent should listen in, as well as anyone else who is trying to figure out emergent with the rest of us.  His first post EmergAnt 1: An Emergent Vocabulary is now up.