Tiger McCoy

Las_sendas_gc_3_cactusI've been guilted (willingly!) into a 4 day Arizona golf trip with my Dad and his two brothers.  My grandpa is sick and has to cancel on them, so I'm filling in - all expenses paid (flight, golf, ya know). 

We are all pretty close so it should be an awesome trip.  But it takes up all of the rest of this week, putting all sorts of pressure on my sermon prep, Bible study prep, and other goals for the week.  I leave very early Wednesday and return very late Saturday night.  On the other hand, it's one of those opportunities I just can't pass up, especially with all the history behind my family and the game of golf.  It's the chance of a lifetime maybe, especially for someone as poor as me. 

Gold_canyon_gc_3We are playing three courses in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area: Raven Golf Club at South Mountain, Gold Canyon - Dinosaur Mountain (left pic), and Las Sendas (above pic).  These courses look incredible.  I hope (if I'm not to dumb to remember) to take a bunch of pictures of my own of the trip.  Look for a post next week.