Million Dollar Baby

For several weeks now the "controversy" concerning the Clint Eastwood movie Million Dollar Baby (MDB) has been stewing.  The conservative Christians are on the attack more than ever because the Oscars are coming and MDB has been nominated.  I won't give away the reasons for this controversy because I would rather you see the movie with its full effect.  It is truly a very good movie.

For now, let me point you to some reviews by Christians to read after seeing the movie (they all include spoilers). 

I generally don't agree with these guys...

Focus on the Family: PluggedIn
R. Albert Mohler: Crosswalk Weblog
Brian Godawa: Godawa Creative
Kelly Boggs: In Baptist Press

I generally agree with...

Kevin Miller: Relevant Magazine

I really agree with...

Joe Thorn: Words of Grace

I recommend seeing the movie because it deals with real issues of great importance.  It's a "feeling" movie for sure, but it will also make you think about your own life, your view of the world, your understanding of hope and hopelessness, and your understanding of love, redemption, and life.

I think this movie also provides us with a great opportunity as followers of Jesus to learn how to and not to engage the culture.  I think the first four reviews get it wrong on this, and the last two get it right.