"For the early Christians, the home was the most natural setting for proclaiming Christ to their families, neighbors, and friends.  The same is true today.  If you and/or your local church are looking for ways to evangelize, opening your home is one of the best methods for reaching the lost.  Most of us, however, are not using our homes as we should to reach our neighbors, friends, and relatives.  Tragically, many of us don't even know our neighbors.  Yet through hospitality, we can meet our neighbors and be a lighthouse in spiritually dark neighborhoods."

Alexander Strauch in The Hospitality Commands, page 22.

Coffee_cups_smallThe more I read Scripture and think about evangelism in a rapidly changing culture, the more convinced I am that the average Christian needs to look to their living rooms and dining rooms as the key to building relationships. loving and serving their neighbors, and opening doors for redeeming conversations.  I believe it would make a tremendous and lasting impact on our community if there was regular hospitality through our local church, even if some of them are afraid to share the gospel.

What I'm saying is, I think most Christians are afraid they can't answer hard questions.  But I really believe the hard questions are often answered without words when Christians love their neighbors.  Our lives are a testimony to Christ, and they will learn of our convictions and the changes in our lives and families and realize they need to know more.  That is where the larger community of faith in a local church can supplement Christians in helping their friends to know the gospel.

I guess hospitality is the introduction to a community of faith before they meet the whole community.  It's the front line of evangelism in any culture, because relationships are the front line of evangelism.