After reading a review of Eisley from Relevant Magazine, I went to their website to learn more.  Eisely is a muscial group made up of 5 teenagers, four of them from the same family.  They write and play their own stuff, which really impressed me. 

On their site I watched a couple of videos and read up on the group.  Then I sampled every song on iTunes.  It was enough to convince me to pick up their first full-length CD. 

It's good.  The lead singer has a fairly unique sound, but sounds similar to the lead of Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Nash.  She sings beautifully and has moments where she turns haunting.  There is a good deal of harmonizing with her sister, which is missing in so much current music.  It's very well done. 

Mostly the sound of Eisley is simple and clean, with a hint of pixie dust.  Recommended.